Medicare ACO 


Medicare DUA




Security Official Training


Setup quality data imports and priorities

Company and Security Official Setup


MFT Access or SFTP

Required Files

#1 - Data Use Agreement (DUA)

Health Endeavors requires a submitted Data Usage Agreement before we can move forward with account setup. Click Sample Data Usage Agreement for a link to an unsigned sample

#2 - Company and Security Official Setup

Fill out the Intake Form and send it to your designated Health Endeavors Account Manager.

#3 - MFT Access or SFTP Setup

There are two options for transferring data to Health Endeavors.

MFT Files Access

Watch the video below for instructions on how to set up Health Endeavors with access to your MFT portal.

Llist of the information needed to grant MFT access:

SFTP Connection Setup

Return the completed SFTP Connection Worksheet form to your Health Endeavors Account Manager.

#4 - Security Official Training

  • TIN and NPI Network

  • Out-of-Network 

  • My Team

  • QM Import Chart

  • Provider Profile Configuration

#5 - Setup Quality Data Imports and Priorities

Configure the order of importance for each type of quality data import.